I am musing on the first draft of the show: turning over the moments I think need more work, wondering about intentions, song moments, choices, characters…

Tomorrow my collaborators and I will be reading out the first draft and discussing the show properly for the first time.  I have had bits of feedback from Brian already and miraculously we seem to have both focussed on the moment that needs strengthening the most – amazing!


Walking is always a good way to muse. Above is one of my favourite trees overlooking the River Stour, taken on a frosty cold morning a few days ago.

Another place that’s really good for thinking is the Hosking House bath – a huge roll top bath in the corner of my bedroom. There is no shower and so I have a bath every morning instead.

This always makes me think of my children’s great grandfather Dilly Knox, who had a bath in his office at Bletchley during the war,  where he was the chief cryptographer, and employed Turing as part of his team.  With the help of the bath, Intelligence Service Knox and his team disseminated nearly 150,000 German coded messages including intelligence that helped us on D Day.

This is from a Poem called Alice in ID25 by Frank Birch which alludes to Dilly’s bathing: “The sailor in room 53 has never, it’s true, been to sea but though not in a boat he has served afloat – in a bath in the admiralty.”

My musings are not fraught with the same responsibility as Dilly’s but I lie there pondering how to make this story work and then slowly, lapped by the warmth and comfort it emerges, another idea that I hope will make everything better.

That’s when I realise that the water has begun to grow cold!!!


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