DSCN0393 Only in the countryside would you find a little cupboard like this, stacked with wonderful jams and jellies, and laid out with trust.  Inside was also a tupperware box to put your money.  I bought two jars of Jane’s Jam: a Pershore Plum and a Crab Apple & Sloe Jelly and deposited my cash carefully in the box.

The cupboard is in Preston on Stour, a very old idyllic village.  This overgrown Tudor farmhouse looked like just the sort of house that my lead character inherited.  Spying through the windows I could see it is lived in but everything is faded and covered in dust.



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Playwright, Librettist, Lyricist
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2 Responses to Trust

  1. Masha Vlassova says:

    Dearest Teresa, loved reading your blog of autumnal doings, especially interested in Blackpool men’s legs segueing into Twelfth Night – nice touch!
    I’d like a jar of the jam as well please. Keep up the good work.
    Hugs, Masha. xxx

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