Steaming Ahead

It was slow at first, getting back into the new show, rubbing up against the characters, remoulding a bit, turning them over in the light.  Then my backup hard drive stopped working and I discovered that the speakers I’d brought from home didn’t fit the keyboard-  but today I’ve been steaming ahead.

I have a massive hard drive now, that backs up every hour without me having to do a thing,  some really great new speakers and the first three hours writing disappeared so fast this morning I could hardly believe it was lunch time. So instead of an afternoon trailing round getting equipment, today I allowed myself a walk across the fields, back to Mr Darcy’s House in Preston on Stour. I thought I glimpsed him in the garden.


On the way back, trudging past fields of newly turned soil, with a tractor droning behind me I thought how apt it was to be writing this show in the autumn, in the countryside – which is just how the show opens. I realised how much this place was going to influence those opening scenes.



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