Disc Drive Death in Leamington Spa


Yesterday I went to Leamington Spa to take my laptop to Westerns to see if they could get the jammed CD out of it.  They tried a lot of things including risky stuff with a Sponge Bob CD but all to no avail.  So now it is being sent off to the Apple workshop to see what they can do.  

So infuriating, especially when the CD drive in the Imac is not very good and so I bought a swanky new USB Superdrive to make CD’s and DVD’s on.  The Apple Store absolutely assured me it was compatible, even sent me another one when the first didn’t work.  But now I have actually spoken to someone who knows what they are talking about and – NO – USB Superdrives do not work on any Apple products unless they were built without a disc drive.

But I enjoyed my short visit to Leamington.  The first poem I ever learned was Death in Leamington by John Betjeman.  It was for my Bronze Elocution Award!!  I shouldn’t think anyone does those  awards anymore.  I still remember snatches of it now.  My love of words and images was excited by this piece of writing which tells a perfect little story in just a few words.  Here is one of my snatches:

And “Tea!” she said in a tiny voice
“Wake up! It’s nearly five”
Oh! Chintzy, chintzy cheeriness,
Half dead and half alive.
Do you know that the stucco is peeling?
Do you know that the heart will stop?
From those yellow Italianate arches
Do you hear the plaster drop?
So it was fitting that my laptop should have died there and I now await the verdict!



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