Shooting Pheasants

Shooting Pheasants is extremely difficult – photographically that is!!


When Daisy and I were on our walk to Preston today we sighted a few but they skimmed the snow like  champion skiers, whizzing out of sight before either of us got the chance to really have a good look at them.  But when I got home and looked at my photos I discovered I really had got one, as tiny as it is in this photo!

I was battling over some lyrics for I Capture the Castle all the way to Preston on the Shakespeare’s Way path.  Daisy seemed more preoccupied with things on the ground than normal.  Was she giving me space I wondered, or had the isolation really started to get to me?

But I had to stop and really look at Preston on Stour, a beautiful little village lying beside Alscot.  The Tudor houses were especially well preserved here.  I discovered a furniture makers in the old School and even a shop, but it was closed.

On our return the sunset was breathtaking.  When I got back to my desk the magic had worked and the lyrics suddenly seemed so much easier!



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