Looking for Mr Darcy



On my walk in the snow today, following Shakespeares Way, I came across this beautiful house.  It’s called Alscot Park.  I did look wistfully over the park to see if Mr Darcy might be aimlessly riding his horse or standing by the lake but no, not a soul.  

It is a beautiful Rococo building and amazingly is still in the hands of the West family, as it has been for the last two hundred years.  Still deep in I Capture the Castle re-writes I couldn’t help being  reminded of Scoatney Manor, and did notice there was even a summer house in the garden – something from the scene with Simon and Cassandra and the “kiss”.

 However, I did meet a very strange creature on my walk.  This curiously comical alpaca lives in a field across the road from my cottage.  There’s something very camelish about him but he has a silly sort of hat of fur on his head.  I was grateful I was not wearing my alpaca hat, that would have been rather embarrassing!  It is exactly the same colour as him too.Image


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2 Responses to Looking for Mr Darcy

  1. What a lovely creature! It must be a challenge to find enough food when there is snow everywhere.

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