Cold Comfort Farm!


On my snow walk yesterday I discovered a stud farm called “Cold Comfort Farm!!” 

Cold Comfort Farm is a hysterically funny book by Stella Gibbons with the immortal lines repeated by the character Ada Doom “there’s something nasty in the woodshed!”   The last TV series based on the book was brilliant!    I wonder if the Farm was named after the book or vice versa??

Today I discovered a short cut across the fields to Stratford called “Shakespeare’s Way.”  Children were out sledging again and plenty of dog walkers.  I love the way people just stand and stare at the scenery – that it isn’t just me looking in wonder at it all.  One old lady I met with her angry small dog smiled and said “Oh you can’t keep me in, I just love the snow.”  She pointed me in the right direction “Just keep going, then you go through some gates and over the bridge until you get to Shakespeare’s church.”  


Me (in all weather gear) standing beside the “supposed” grave of the Bard at Holy Trinity Church, taken by a rather nice American.


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